–  Water supply from deep well

– Agriculture irrigation

– Fire-fighting

– Industrial application


  • Delivery: up to 22m/h at 2850rpm
  • Head: up to 347m at 2850rpm
  • Maximum overall diameter of pump: 99mm (one cable guard included).
  • Maximum permissible quantity of suspended sand: 150g/m
  • 2BH, 4BH, 6BH VERSIONS: delivery port Rp1″1/4.
  • 8BH, 12BH, 16BH VERSIONS: delivery port Rp2″.

Component Construction

  • Easy to maintain and rapid to install. –
  • – Abrasion resistant construction, floating impellers ensure optimum resistance to abrasion.
  • – The delivery port and suction support are made of precision-cast stainless steel, guarantee resistance to corrosion, durability and a sturdy coupling to the motor.
  • – The hexagonal pump shaft guarantees an effective impeller driving.
  • – A stainless steel non-return valve is fitted at the discharge to prevent back flow of water and alleviate water hammer to the pump, thus safeguarding impellers and diffusers.
  • The BH series pumps can be coupled with the 4OS motors. –
  • Vertical and horizontal installation. –
  • Standard and special versions available.


  • 4OS single-phase version: –

From 0.25 to 2.2 kW, 220 v, 50Hz.

  •  4OS three-phase version:-

From 0.37 to 2.2 kW, 220 v, 50Hz.

From 0.37 to 7.5 kW, 220 v, 50Hz.

  • – Horizontal operation: 4OS up to 2.2 kw
  •  Maximum temperature of water in contact with motor: 35 c.-