Pressure Tank could be applied to variety of drinking water system. Including turbocharging system, thermal expansion, water pump system and protecting water hammer.
Pressure Tank are made up of nature polypropylene liner and high quality butyl rubber diaphragm which is approved by FDA.Theseparts are fixed to the tank wall with the steel lock ring. Brass value is sealed by the thread O-ring bonnet to prevent air leakage.Water comes into the pressure tank by stainless steel pipe. Strengthening specified quick-wearing regions in the diaphragm and liner to prolong life. In order to prevent the diaphragm is punctured in extreme conditions, all components adopts circular design, including valve.Water pipe combined with fittings is unique to double-layer water/gas seal. It is completely airtight and without any maintenance. On the external of the pressure tank, adds a layer of double polyurethane paint coating to the outside of the layer of epoxy undercoat to provide hundreds of hours for UV protection.
To ensure structure and consistent quality of each pressure tank, it must be passed multiple stages of quality testing on the production line,


  • Single diaphragm design
  • Over-current components are safe and non-polluting. Products conform to drinking water standards
  • Nature polypropylene liner
  • Double polyurethane, senior epoxy paint coating
  • Airtight O-ring sealed bonnet
  • Fully test without any maintenance