• 1.Starting pressure:1-6bar(adjustable)
  • 2.Stop pressure:2-10bar(adjustable)
  • 3.Min differential pressure: 1bar
  • 4.Max differential pressure:7bar
  • 5.Rated current:10A
  • 6.Max allowable pressure:10bar
  • 7.Rated Voltage:110V or 220V
  • 8.Frequency:50/60hz
  • 9.Max Ambient Temperature:40℃
  • 10Max Liquid Temperature:60℃
  • Protection Degree: IP65


  • Stop and start the pump automatically
  • Stop the pump in the case of water shortage
  • After power cut off, it can restart the pump automatically when the power on
  • Forced start
  • Joint screw: G 1” male
  • 6when pressure fall down(the tap opened),the pump start to work. When the pump in the max pressure, the flow stop(the tap closed),the pump stop work.
  • Restart pump automatically after water shortage