• Pressure Range: 0.1-2.0bar
  • Pressure Setting: 0.1-0.5bar、0.15-0.9bar
  • Rated Current:12A
  • Rated Voltage:120V-240V
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Max ambient temperature:55℃
  • Max Liquid temperature:60℃
  • Protection Degree:IP54


  • Pressure switch used in water systems and pneumatic systems.
  • The device interrupts the electric connection between the line and the load when the pressure decrease below the setting value(stopping pressure).
  • press the button to preset the pressure of water pressure and air pressure systems. The preset  value must be higher than products starting pressure setting value.
  • 1/4″,3/8″,1/2″male,female,rotative
  • Anti-wearing cable clamps.

Component Construction

  • Pump body             Cast iron G20
  • Pump bracket        Cast iron G20
  • Impeller                  Brass H59
  • Pump shaft            Stainless steel AISI 304
  • Mechanical seal    Ceramic / Graphite